Born in Münster, Henk grew up in a small town called Ibbenbüren in Westgermany.


At the age of six, he began taking drum lessons at a music school and since then, he has been playing in the school orchestra and in a lot of local bands.


At the age of seventeen, he had the chance to become a member of the street punk band „The Vaders“, with who he gained a lot of experience in touring and playing live shows. In that time, Henk decided to become a professional drummer.


In 2011 Henk moved to Berlin and began to study at drum college called „Drumtrainer - Berlin“.

In 2012 he finished his studies with a diploma in drumming. Since then, he always played in different projects with a different style of music , like reggae, ska, hip-hop, rock, pop, techno, electronic music, jazz,  samba, afro cuban and much more. That makes him feel home in any musical genre.


With Ratatoeska, a Berlin based hip-hop/reggae band, he had the opportunity to perform at Brandenburger Gate, Kanzleramt and Ract Festival. Further more he had the chance to play International shows in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Madrid, Linz, London, Prague and many more.


In 2015 Henk got a scholarship at Bimm - Berlin, a British music college. In all these years Henk was lucky to perform with different artists like:
My Secret Session, Eveline, Cisco Pema, Fanny Nila, Ratatoeska, The V´s, Vello Publico, Shambou Leroux and the True Love Hearts, 19th Moon and many more.